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Niu Yoka Siti

Niu Yoka Siti (New York City, NYC), kilai talega Niu Yoka (New York, NY), na koro populous duadua e Amerika. Ena dua na 2018 na iwiliwili e sivia ni 8,398,748 na kena veisoliyaki e rauta ni 302.6 lomanibai maile (784 km2), Niu Yoka e densely talega na siti lelevu lewena e Amerika. E tiko ena ceva ena nona vakasama na US ituvaki ni Niu Yoka, na siti sa usutu ni iwasewase ni Niu Yoka Peteriaki noda, na vanua peteriaki noda e vuravura ena cakacaka vaunafalawa. E voleka ni 20 millioni na tamata ena kena peteriaki na vanua vakaiwiliwili ka volekata na 23 millioni ena kena vanua vakaiwiliwili cokovata, sa dua vei ira na populous ni vuravura oqo me megasiti. Niu Yoka Siti sa vakamacalataki me vaka na ivakarau ni bula vakavanua, veika vakailavo, kei na media koroturaga e vuravura, na veivakayarayarataki ni vakabisinisi, veivakamarautaki, vakadidike, tekinolaji, vuli, politiki, saravanua, cakacakaniliga, kena ivakarau, kei na qito. Ki vale na itikotiko liu ni Matabose Kei Vuravura, Niu Yoka Siti sa dua na vale bibi ki na matau ni veiyasai vuravura veimatanitu.

Demography[Veisautaki | edit source]

New York City is the most populous city in the United States, with an estimated 8,398,748 residents as of July 2018, incorporating more immigration into the city than outmigration since the 2010 United States Census. More than twice as many people live in New York City as compared to Los Angeles, the second-most populous U.S. city, and within a smaller area. New York City gained more residents between April 2010 and July 2014 (316,000) than any other U.S. city. New York City's population is about 43% of New York State's population and about 36% of the population of the New York metropolitan area.

Vakailavo[Veisautaki | edit source]

New York City is a global hub of business and commerce, as a center for banking and finance, retailing, world trade, transportation, tourism, real estate, new media, traditional media, advertising, legal services, accountancy, insurance, theater, fashion, and the arts in the United States; while Silicon Alley, metonymous for New York's broad-spectrum high technology sphere, continues to expand. The Port of New York and New Jersey is also a major economic engine, handling record cargo volume in 2017, over 6.7 million TEUs. New York City's unemployment rate fell to its record low of 4.0% in September 2018.

Many Fortune 500 corporations are headquartered in New York City,as are a large number of multinational corporations. One out of ten private sector jobs in the city is with a foreign company. New York City has been ranked first among cities across the globe in attracting capital, business, and tourists. New York City's role as the top global center for the advertising industry is metonymously reflected as "Madison Avenue". The city's fashion industry provides approximately 180,000 employees with $11 billion in annual wages.

Other important sectors include medical research and technology, non-profit institutions, and universities. Manufacturing accounts for a significant but declining share of employment. The city's apparel and garment industry, historically centered on the Garment District in Manhattan, peaked in 1950, when more than 323,000 workers were employed in the industry in New York. In 2015, fewer than 23,000 New York City residents were employed in the manufacture of garments, accessories, and finished textiles, although efforts to revive the industry were underway. Food processing is a $5 billion industry that employs more than 19,000 residents.

Chocolate is New York City's leading specialty-food export, with up to $234 million worth of exports each year. Entrepreneurs were forming a "Chocolate District" in Brooklyn as of 2014, while Godiva, one of the world's largest chocolatiers, continues to be headquartered in Manhattan.

Wall Street[Veisautaki | edit source]

New York City's most important economic sector lies in its role as the headquarters for the U.S. financial industry, metonymously known as Wall Street. The city's securities industry, enumerating 163,400 jobs in August 2013, continues to form the largest segment of the city's financial sector and an important economic engine, accounting in 2012 for 5.0 percent of the city's private sector jobs, 8.5 percent ($3.8 billion) of its tax revenue, and 22 percent of the city's total wages, including an average salary of $360,700. Many large financial companies are headquartered in New York City, and the city is also home to a burgeoning number of financial startup companies.

Lower Manhattan is home to the New York Stock Exchange, on Wall Street, and the NASDAQ, at 165 Broadway, representing the world's largest and second largest stock exchanges, respectively, when measured both by overall average daily trading volume and by total market capitalization of their listed companies in 2013. Investment banking fees on Wall Street totaled approximately $40 billion in 2012, while in 2013, senior New York City bank officers who manage risk and compliance functions earned as much as $324,000 annually. In fiscal year 2013–14, Wall Street's securities industry generated 19% of New York State's tax revenue.

New York City remains the largest global center for trading in public equity and debt capital markets, driven in part by the size and financial development of the U.S. economy. New York also leads in hedge fund management; private equity; and the monetary volume of mergers and acquisitions. Several investment banks and investment managers headquartered in Manhattan are important participants in other global financial centers. New York is also the principal commercial banking center of the United States.

Many of the world's largest media conglomerates are also based in the city. Manhattan contained over 500 million square feet (46.5 million m2) of office space in 2018, making it the largest office market in the United States, while Midtown Manhattan, with 400 million square feet (37.2 million m2) in 2018, is the largest central business district in the world.

Veitikina[Veisautaki | edit source]